CON-1085 - Workflow - Save as Node not working with xPath shortcuts

Created by Warren Buckley 06 Jun 2016, 13:25:34 Updated by Shannon Deminick 20 Jun 2016, 09:19:35

In the workflow type 'Save as Umbraco Node' rather than picking a location with the tree picker it's possible to use the shortcuts displayed in the UI such as $current $parent $root or $site


Warren Buckley 07 Jun 2016, 10:37:24

This is ready for review in this PR here -

== Notes ==

We were totally missing any parsing to do with the xPath tokens in the codebase so I have copied over some code from the core of Umbraco as it was internal.

== Test ==

  • Create a workflow - Save as Umbraco Content node

  • Use xPath with tokens such as $current to ensure the form is saved as a child node of the current page

  • Submit form with the workflow - ensure node is created in correct location of correct type & fields mapped correctly

  • Create a PreValue source that uses Umbraco Documents

  • Use xPath as start node such as $site or $current depending where your form is served

  • Select the type of node you want to display

  • Put the prevalue source as dropdown list or checkboxes

  • Ensures renders on the form correctly

Priority: Normal

Type: Bug

State: Fixed




Backwards Compatible: True

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Due in version: 4.3.1

Sprint: Sprint 36

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