CON-1208 - Parsing record field data in workflows uses Field Name & not the alias

Created by Warren Buckley 10 Nov 2016, 15:37:18 Updated by DLi 14 Jun 2018, 10:02:43

This has come in from a support request.

When using a workflow such as Send Email & you wish to use the email field on the form to send a thank you automated email. You do so by using the syntax of or whatever you called your email field.

It was the understanding that this uses the alias of the form field. But when debugging with client support request if the alias has been modified or the name of the field renamed & the alias no longer matches the form field name this will fail.

The logic for parsing the form fields does not use the alias but instead the form field name but with the same logic that the alias is first generated with. So if the alias & the name of the field has not been changed & both match once lowercased & special chars removed etc then this work as expected.

Note: The logic for this does not make sense why it was setup in this way & will need investigation before we switch over to using the alias to see if this will give a knock on effect.

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Jan van Helvoort 18 May 2018, 06:13:56

Any update on this one? @timgeyssens or @warren.buckley

Most people assume that you can use the alias for the workflow value. Forms version: 6.0.5

Can we submit a pull request for this issue?

Vasco Horta e Costa 29 May 2018, 13:56:55

Same problem here when it's going to be fixed? The alias has no use this way.

Also, the Field name is used to add a CSS class to the HTML. Doesn't make sense.

DLi 14 Jun 2018, 10:02:43

not working for me (at all) with UF 6.0.8 (cloud).

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