CON-745 - Permissions to forms.

Created by jonas carlson 12 May 2015, 07:15:58 Updated by Sebastiaan Janssen 08 Mar 2016, 10:04:13

Is duplicated by: CON-888

New Forms does not support setting permissions in the backend.

This is a feature much needed, it existed in Contour.


Martin Griffiths 15 May 2015, 13:07:02

Totally agree, Just allowing access depending on user type isn't enough.

Joshua D. Stewart 01 Jun 2015, 20:31:08

This functionality is sorely missed.

J Strugnell 06 Jul 2015, 09:56:02

I would also be keen to see this feature included again.

Tim Geyssens 04 Aug 2015, 11:13:23

Will be back in 4.2 (estimated release end of august)

Denise del Bando 13 Oct 2015, 15:25:20

any updates? we also need this

Warren Buckley (Personal) 06 Feb 2016, 20:18:18

This is currently in progress to bring this feature back as its the most voted for feature since I have started work at Umbraco on the Forms product. 10 Feb 2016, 16:49:16

HI @warrenbuckley @warren.buckley,

We're keen to see this feature as well. We want different users to be able to edit different forms. Will this be possible with this change?

Warren Buckley 11 Feb 2016, 09:38:47

Hello Simon, Yes this feature of per form security will be making a return. 15 Feb 2016, 11:12:19

Great, this will have a positive change to our solutions architecture. Look forward to using it.

Dan Evans 08 Mar 2016, 10:01:31

Is there a release date for this?

Sebastiaan Janssen 08 Mar 2016, 10:04:13

@Dan.Evans In the next few days!

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Due in version: 4.2.0

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