CON-953 - Mandatory datepicker allows non-date text

Created by Lesley 30 Mar 2016, 19:20:50 Updated by Ismail Mayat 24 May 2018, 09:23:32

We have an Umbraco Form with a mandatory DatePicker field.

Have discovered that users can enter random text into this field eg "hgjfjk" and it passes validation, although the data is not saved and so does not appear in any of the workflow emails.

Would expect the DatePicker to only allow valid dates.


Ismail Mayat 24 May 2018, 09:23:32

very easy fix for this. In the partial FieldType.DatePicker on the input add the following attributes: data-msg-date="The field DateTime must be a date." data-rule-date="true" Jquery validation will do its magic.

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