COU-331 - Ensure providers can be added to allowed providers for use in uaas

Created by Claus Jensen 23 May 2016, 06:57:39 Updated by Morten Christensen 31 May 2016, 09:49:15

Providers available for "wire transfer" on uaas are currently hardcoded. Adding in a custom provider and not having it as an allowed provider, uaas will assume its items are to be transferred by disk/git. If this is not the case, you will never be able to deploy these items. We need to figure out how to add in a custom provider to the allowed providers.

I suggest providers should inherit from an interface, since a simple configuration setting would essentially allow you to actually add the built-in providers to the allowed list, which we do not want people doing.


Claus Jensen 24 May 2016, 10:05:00

I've added an interface that custom providers can implement and then they will be registrered for use in uaas UI deployments without having to modify Courier/uaas UI code.

Also added a controller action to ensure the deploy app can pick up provider names for providers unknown to the UI code (that means both built-in providers that may be forgotten in the hardcoded part of the UI code for deploy + any custom providers).

''Review notes'':

Might be a bit hard to test as it requires a setup with a site with custom items, a custom provider implementation to actually test this. I suggest just looking through the code (there's not too much of it) and ask me if you find anything that looks suspicious.

I've also tried to keep existing code as intact as possible (also including the hardcoded parts) and just extend this with what is needed for custom providers.


Morten Christensen 31 May 2016, 08:47:37

Do you happen to have a Provider I can use for testing this?

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