COU-661 - Courier break media

Created by Yakov Lebski 11 Aug 2018, 20:30:00 Updated by Craig Stevens 21 Aug 2018, 14:40:38

Courier: 3.1.6 Umbraco: 7.7.6 Courier break media, after IIS reset Courier work as expected

2018-07-04 10:39:41,684 [P4628/D2/T1] ERROR Umbraco.Core.UmbracoApplicationBase - An unhandled exception occurred

System.IO.InvalidDataException: The content item 9878 has an invalid path: -1 with parentID: -1

at Umbraco.Core.Services.MediaService.GetDescendants(IMedia media)

at Umbraco.Core.Services.EntityXmlSerializer.Serialize(IMediaService mediaService, IDataTypeService dataTypeService, IUserService userService, IMedia media, Boolean deep)

at Umbraco.Core.Services.PackagingService.Export(IMedia media, Boolean deep, Boolean raiseEvents)

at UmbracoExamine.DataServices.UmbracoMediaService.GetLatestMediaByXpath(String xpath)

at UmbracoExamine.BaseUmbracoIndexer.AddNodesToIndex(String xPath, String type)

at UmbracoExamine.BaseUmbracoIndexer.PerformIndexAll(String type)

at UmbracoExamine.BaseUmbracoIndexer.IndexAll(String type)

at UmbracoExamine.BaseUmbracoIndexer.PerformIndexRebuild()

at UmbracoExamine.BaseUmbracoIndexer.RebuildIndex()

at Umbraco.Web.WebBootManager.Complete(Action`1 afterComplete)

at Umbraco.Core.UmbracoApplicationBase.StartApplication(Object sender, EventArgs e)


Craig Stevens 21 Aug 2018, 14:40:38

I think this is the same issue I'm having with Courier 3.1.6 on Umb 7.6.3. Courier is not aware of anything in a mediapicker2. The individual media items must be Couriered from the Media section before Couriering the content page to avoid a YSOD on the site. Similar issue here:

Priority: Critical

Type: Bug

State: Submitted




Backwards Compatible: True

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Affected versions: 3.1.6

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