OUR-455 - Introduce a "Community" section

Created by Anders Bjerner 10 Jun 2017, 14:38:44 Updated by Anders Bjerner 11 Jun 2017, 15:27:01

Currently the front page of Our is called "Community", but it's not really a section or area on the site, as it doesn't have any sub pages.

What we did for the front page during the Codegarden Retreat brings more of the community to Our, which is really great. But I think we can do even more - both for the regular Our user as well as for people who are new to Umbraco.

Inspired by talks, open circles and conversations at Codegarden, I've played a little around with an extended "Community" section, shown by a some screenshots for now. So far these include:

  • A page for "Most Valued People" showing the people awarded in the various categories. Clicking their name will bring the user to the Our profile page of the MVP. Also, links for Twitter and GitHub are shown for each MVP (if available).

  • A page for each previous year of MVPs

  • A page describing what it means to be a MVP

  • An extended page listing meetups. The front page only shows the next meetup of each group, while the "Meetups" page could list all upcoming meetups

  • Newcomers might not know what a meetup is, so the section should also have a page for explaining this - and possibly also how to get started running a meetup

I still believe in showing some of this stuff on the front page, but then have sub pages that go more into detail about the community. Eg. the front page shows the first upcoming meetup of each user group (as it does now), while the actual "Meetups" page will show them all. And the front page shows an aggregated list of contributors to Umbraco repositories we're listening for, while a "Contributors" page should show this in greater detail - eg. for each repository or something like that.

@nul800sebastiaan @sebastiaan you're probably the one looking into this. It would be good to here the ideas and plans from the HQ about Our in the future, and my thoughts described above. I know the HQ might not have the time to work on this, so I'm happy to put some work into this ;)

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Anders Bjerner 11 Jun 2017, 15:27:01

For reference, there is also this thread by Rune (based on a tweet I wrote) about a community section: https://our.umbraco.org/forum/ourumb-dev-forum/features/72620-community-page-on-ourumbracoorg

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