U4-10019 - Add Nested Content copyrights somewhere

Created by Matt Brailsford 14 Jun 2017, 12:31:24 Updated by Matt Brailsford 30 Jun 2017, 08:11:42

As Nested Content was MIT, one of the stipulations is that the copyright notices should be transferred with it so we need to record somewhere the original copyrights.

Do we have a standard way of doing this? Should there be a boilerplate at the top of the merged in files? Or maybe we should create CREDITS file in the root of the project like some other OSS projects do?


Shannon Deminick 30 Jun 2017, 07:16:30

Umbraco is also MIT so based on the stipulations that part doesn't really need to be transferred since it's already in place. Happy to add credits, etc... somewhere, feel free to send over a PR and we can publish it

Matt Brailsford 30 Jun 2017, 08:05:26

What's the best approach? Should we go the CREDITS file in root?

Shannon Deminick 30 Jun 2017, 08:08:32

we could, though it's not the most obvious place if you want the content of this to be shown, maybe readme?

Matt Brailsford 30 Jun 2017, 08:11:42

Sounds good. I'll sort out a PR when I have a sec

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