U4-10086 - Some back office labels not being translated

Created by Adam Arp 30 Jun 2017, 14:19:52 Updated by Adam Arp 06 Jul 2017, 17:57:04

Recently upgraded a 7.1 site to 7.6.3 (with an upgrade to 7.5.14 first to get around the upgrade bug). Everything seems to be working ok aside from some of the labels in the Back Office are not being translated. Just the alias is showing in brackets, as in "[sections_content]". It's not all labels though. Switching languages appears to leave the same labels untranslated. Screenshots attached.

Checking the logs, I'm getting a lot of this error: Umbraco.Core.Services.LocalizedTextService - The culture specified was not found in any configured sources for this service

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Adam Arp 06 Jul 2017, 17:57:04

And after a few days I've come back to the project and it's fixed. Guessing I ran into a caching issue. Closing.

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Category: Localization

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