U4-10112 - Media Picker - provide visual indication that a folder's contents are being loaded

Created by Marc Goodson 05 Jul 2017, 13:00:13 Updated by Marc Goodson 06 Jul 2017, 10:59:46

When you use the media picker within a rich text editor or as a straightforward media picker, the structure of the media folders are loaded and displayed to the editor to drill down and select their chosen images from within multiple folders.

However on sites with an extensive amount of media, by extensive hear I mean 260,000 images it can take between 6-8 seconds to load the details of the images / sub folders from a particular folder (this was a minute and a half on Umbraco 6, so editors quite pleased) but the issue they have is knowing whether they clicked the folder or not, is it loading, or did they not click the folder, and if they click the wrong folder, they click the folder above, but because it's all async the originally cliicked folder eventually loads followed another 8 seconds later by the correct folder.

Obviously they should have less images, and we may build something more custom to manage their media outside of Umbraco etc

But one thing that would improve the UX of this is if directly after clicking a folder in the select media overlay there appeared the three dots flashing loading animation to indicate content was loading, this would stop them from pressing the folder item again in the breadcrumb to make sure they'd pressed it!

Another improvement UX wise might be to prevent the other folder links from being pressed whilst a folder's content is being loaded, eg you click a folder, and the breadcrumb of media folders is greyed out whilst the items are loaded, then when they are finally displayed the breadcrumb media folders are clickable again.

Not sure if I am making any kind of sense. See screenshot if that makes it clearer....

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Marc Goodson 06 Jul 2017, 10:59:38

ahhh ignore me, think this is fixed in 7.6.3, or at least the fix I've just put in for this 7.5.14 site is already in core! eg setting loading scope property just before and just after GetChildren...

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