U4-10158 - Creating a new folder via the Media Picker Breadcrumb + button doesn't honour Media Type Permissions

Created by Marc Goodson 15 Jul 2017, 18:21:29 Updated by Lennard Fonteijn 27 Feb 2018, 21:26:35

Is duplicated by: U4-10980

Create a new MediaType called 'RestrictedFolderType' and allow this folder to be created underneath the existing Folder Media Type.

Underneath a 'RestrictedFolderType' only allow other 'RestrictedFolderType' media types to be created.

Create a 'Folder' in the Media section called 'Site' of Media Type 'Folder'

Under this 'Site' folder create another folder called 'RestrictedFolderType' and make it of type 'RestrictedFolderType'

If you try to create a folder within the RestrictedFolderType - you can only create further folders of 'RestrictedFolderType' as configured!

Now switch to the content section, find a media Picker, and open up the media picker dialog to navigate to your 'RestrictedTypeFolder'

Now press the + to add a new folder within this folder, give it the name 'New'

The 'New' folder will be created - but of type 'Folder' even though the 'Folder' type is not allowed to be created under a folder of type 'RestrictedTypeFolder'....

Attached some screenshots if that's any clearer!

You'd expect it to not be able to create folders at all in this scenario, or create a new folder of 'RestrictedTypeFolder' which might be hard to implement?

It's probably a niche thing and seems to be an issue on sites where there are different 'types' of images configured and they only want the media picker to pick those certain types, so you tie the picker down to a media folder of a certain type that can only contain those types, but then the editor wants to organise it into subfolders... and do so via the breadcrumb - because that's the workflow that avoids switching to the media section - it's not really the vogue to design sites like that these days, but have hit the issue on two different sites this month which had been upgraded from Umbraco 6.

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Lennard Fonteijn 27 Feb 2018, 21:26:35

Be sure to check U4-10980, it contains links to relevant Github sources.

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