U4-10184 - Double value output in Repeatable textstring

Created by Eric Frost 20 Jul 2017, 13:01:00 Updated by Lee Kelleher 18 Jan 2018, 12:01:45

Tags: Unscheduled PR

Duplicates: U4-9360

Relates to: U4-8712

After submitting values in the propertyeditor it outputs a " " value. Like:

  • value
  • value
  • value
  • Have a workaround with if(value !="")


    Tom van Enckevort 12 Sep 2017, 07:23:34

    I've submitted a pull request to fix this issue, as it was splitting the saved string in the wrong way which meant that empty values were added between each valid string.


    Shannon Deminick 12 Sep 2017, 10:19:43

    thanks a ton!

    Priority: Normal

    Type: Bug

    State: Duplicate




    Backwards Compatible: True

    Fix Submitted:

    Affected versions: 7.6.4

    Due in version: 7.6.7

    Sprint: Sprint 67

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