U4-10245 - Content Picker shows removed documents.

Created by Ivan Studenikin 03 Aug 2017, 09:14:50 Updated by Ivan Studenikin 03 Aug 2017, 09:23:32

What did you do?

  1. Create document "doc1".
  2. Reference that document in other document ("doc2") via Content Picker.
  3. Remove "doc1".
  4. Go to "doc2".

What did you expect to happen? "doc2" is not shown on the "doc1" document.

What actually happened? "doc2" is still shown on the "doc1" document (even though it's disappeared when you click it).

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Ivan Studenikin 03 Aug 2017, 09:23:32

According to this post it seems this behavior is intended: https://our.umbraco.org/forum/using-umbraco-and-getting-started/87242-bug-content-picker-shows-removed-documents

"I am not sure (better have a look at it), but is this page in the recycle bin? If you empty the recycle bin, does the reference also get deleted?

If that's the case I would say this is an intended behavior, as pages can be restored from the recycle bin and so the reference starts working again."

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