U4-10336 - Update PackagingService.ImportingPackage event for better extensibility and publicize

Created by Shannon Deminick 22 Aug 2017, 01:49:21 Updated by Shannon Deminick 27 Feb 2018, 07:43:54

Relates to: U4-11016

Subtask of: U4-9609

Currently this event doesn't really do much. It needs to be updated to contain the full package manifest which parts of it can then be mutable. This would allow package developers and other developers that need to tweak package installation to add (and maybe modify) some files that are being added as part of the package installation.

This would benefit parts of Umbraco Cloud too since this means a package developer can dynamically add files to their package based on some logic and Umbraco Cloud would still pick these files up and have them committed to GIT.


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