U4-10353 - Missing media features

Created by kensley lewis 24 Aug 2017, 20:56:13 Updated by Sebastiaan Janssen 26 Aug 2017, 21:16:29

My Specs

  • Windows 10
  • IIS7
  • 4.6 .NET framework
  • Umbraco installed via Nuget
  • Versions 7.6.5

Steps to take_ Within the Media section...

  • The landing pages are missing the ability to show both grid and list view options. It defaults the media to list view only.
  • When you select multiple images, there is no option to move media files to another folder location.

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kensley lewis 25 Aug 2017, 22:40:10

Please disregard this issue. I am just now seeing that my assets have to be inside of a folder in order to modify them via the actions menu. I was originally doing all my testing at the root level of the Media section. My bad.

kensley lewis 25 Aug 2017, 22:41:01

...And I also discovered that the grid option for my list view - media data type was turned off. All good on this now.

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