U4-10379 - Error "The view found at '~/Views/SomePage.cshtml' was not created." when Umbraco service is move to a new folder.

Created by Michael Williams 02 Sep 2017, 02:13:33 Updated by Michael Williams 02 Sep 2017, 02:13:33

I would like to adopt Umbraco as my CMS but can not get it to work in what I consider a stable configuration. I have deployed the software several times and was attempting to create development, staging and production instances. The initial deployments either under Visual Studio, Webmattrix or VSCode/IIS Express were all successful. I have not been able to successfully migrate a working site to a new location, even thought the process is well defined and should be simple. In an effort to isolate the problem and make it easy to replicate I:

  1. installed the latest Umbraco version 7.6.5. (I discovered the problem in 7.6.3)
  2. Deployed using VSCode and IIS Express
  3. Used SQL Server as the back end.

I deployed a site following the tutorial several times with out error (https://our.umbraco.org/documentation/Tutorials/Creating-Basic-Site/). The command to start the Umbraco site I used is: IISExpress.exe /PATH:"D:\Users\UserName\Documents\VSCode\Projects\UmbracoDev" /port:8081

I copied the contents of D:\Users\UserName\Documents\VSCode\Projects\UmbracoDev to D:\Users\UserName\Documents\VSCode\Projects\UmbracoStage, then ran the command: IISExpress.exe /PATH:"D:\Users\UserName\Documents\VSCode\Projects\UmbracoStage" /port:8081 which threw the error: : Server Error in '/' Application. - The view found at '~/Views/HomePage.cshtml' was not created."

Some file may have been left behind or there may have been a permissions problem in ...\UnbracoStage so I ran another test.

I verified that the application was working fun from D:\Users\UserName\Documents\VSCode\Projects\UmbracoDev . Then I changed the name of the folder to:D:\Users\UserName\Documents\VSCode\Projects\UmbracoDev2 and ran: IISExpress.exe /PATH:"D:\Users\UserName\Documents\VSCode\Projects\UmbracoDev2" /port:8081

The error generated again was: Server Error in '/' Application. The view found at '~/Views/HomePage.cshtml' was not created.

The entire message and stack trace are attached in file HttpError.txt This error is generated when accessing the URL http://localhost:8081.

I can access the "Back Office" at http://localhost:8081/unbraco/

The "Back Office" functionality seems to be fine. I can modify and save the HomePage template and modify content of that type. However once saved, accessing that document type resulted in the same error.

Work around!

While writing this issue, I modified and saved the document type "homePage". (see tutorial) The error went away.

I then modified the folder name, changing D:\Users\UserName\Documents\VSCode\Projects\UmbracoDev2 to D:\Users\UserName\Documents\VSCode\Projects\UmbracoDev and restarted the application. The error returned!!!

I again opened the document type homepage and saved it and the error disappeared again.

Clearly some deployment environment specific information is being saved in the database. That is a bug.

I think this is a serious problem. Any one new to Umbraco who wants a solid CMS will find the product unstable and difficult to use. You want customers who require multiple environments and have processes in placed to control releases to their sites. People like me who are willing to put up with problems like this are useful community members, but don't pay the bills. Please remove ANY site specific information from the backend database.

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