U4-10438 - Make [Content start nodes] available in Groups

Created by Anders Brohäll 20 Sep 2017, 11:23:53 Updated by Brian Powell 10 Aug 2018, 20:33:53

From what i can tell, the new user management in 7.7 allows you to add multiple start nodes on a user. Not in a group.

Scenario: Proposal editors should have access to node 1 and 2. Today i need to give every specific user access to the nodes in the users subview. I can only set a single start node in the group subview.


Sebastiaan Janssen 20 Sep 2017, 11:27:04

But you can add users to multiple groups.. so: problem solved?

Anders Brohäll 20 Sep 2017, 11:29:09

I'd say no. In my case i need access to like 20 nodes. That would be 20 groups. What i'm asking for is that the groups would have the same setup of logic as the user. Sounds reasonable to me.

Thomas Höhler 06 Oct 2017, 09:29:37

Agree, use case scenario: you have an umbraco installation with several websites and you are organized that each language site is a separate node on the root. e.g:

  • site1 en
  • site1 fr
  • site1 de
  • site2 en
  • site2 fr
  • site2 de

now you want a group with editors who can edit the site 1 complete. Either you create three groups or you give each user in the group the content start nodes of the site1.

Jeroen Breuer 22 Feb 2018, 15:11:53

This is also a big problem for us. We have over a 100 users and over 10.000 content nodes and we need a lot of start nodes. We want to create 1 group that has all the right start nodes (could be over 50). Now instead we need to add 50 different user groups. User groups was one of the biggest features for Umbraco 7.7, but without multiple start nodes they are useless.

Brian Powell 10 Aug 2018, 20:33:53

I'm in same boat as others. We need to set multiple start nodes. Having to create multiple groups, then remember to add users to all those groups, leaves a lot of room for error.

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