U4-10480 - No Longer Able to Move Multiple Media Items

Created by Nicholas Westby 28 Sep 2017, 21:14:55 Updated by Chris Day 20 Feb 2018, 14:36:56

In Umbraco 7.6.0, I could select multiple items in the media section and move them all at once to a new parent folder:


Note the "Move" button. In newer versions of Umbraco (e.g., 7.6.6 and 7.7.1), I no longer see a "Move" button when I select items in the media section:


As you can see, only a "Delete" button appears (no "Move" button). '''Was this very useful feature accidentally removed?'''

Note that there is also an "Actions" menu with a "Move" option:


However, that moves the current folder rather than the selected media items. I have also tried switching from grid view to list view and the results are the same (i.e., not "Move" button).

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Bjarne Fyrstenborg 28 Sep 2017, 22:48:07

It seems to be related to this issue: http://issues.umbraco.org/issue/U4-9661

with a fix to hide move button in member listview: https://github.com/umbraco/Umbraco-CMS/pull/1958

However it actually just reverse the default settings, so by default a listview move bulk action isn't enabled. Check the checkboxes "Allow bulk move" for content and media listviews and move bulk action are available.

However this PR doesn't fix the issue completely, since you still are able to enable to move bulk action for member listview and the back to the original issue, where members can't be moved like content and media.

Nicholas Westby 29 Sep 2017, 15:26:35

@Bjarne.Fyrstenborg Thanks for the workaround! Hopefully this gets fixed properly at some point, but this workaround suits me for the time being.

Chris Day 20 Feb 2018, 14:36:56

This is easily fixed by going to Developer > Data Types > List View - Media Then scroll to the bottom and check "Allow bulk move" :)

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