U4-10519 - Legacy create is broken

Created by Rune Grønkjær 10 Oct 2017, 08:30:17 Updated by Rune Grønkjær 13 Oct 2017, 10:44:24

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Tea Commerce is using the legacy system for creating new settings. After upgrading to Umbraco 7.7.x Umbraco throws an error when trying to establish if the user has access. See screenshot. The user control should have loaded, making it possible to create whatever should be created.

To reproduce:

  1. Install vanilla Umbraco 7.7.2
  2. Install Tea Commerce
  3. Make sure user have access to the Tea Commerce section
  4. Right click "Stores" and choose create

I guess it must be a bug in the new user goup system.

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Daniel Bardi 10 Oct 2017, 16:08:58

@Rune.Grønkjær I would think this could need be updated in Tea Commerce

Anders Burla Johansen 10 Oct 2017, 18:58:38

@dascoba it works in Umbraco 7.6.x without any problems. So it's a breaking change that can't be in minor updates. Only in major - like v8. We are working on a v8 version, but not good enough for the people that already use Umbraco 7.6 that want to use 7.7 now :)

Shannon Deminick 13 Oct 2017, 05:35:27

We were over zealous with doing some null checks, this is fixed in rev: https://github.com/umbraco/Umbraco-CMS/commit/62ce7f61329e9d7489df406de16ef124512223e4

the issue is that we were expecting that each ui.xml entry would have it's own defined but that is not the cause if the default task is used.

To test:

  • Install Tea Commerce
  • Create a Store (as per screenshot above)

Mikkel Holck Madsen 13 Oct 2017, 06:56:22

Sweet, i can confirm that the above now works - Clean install (from dev-v7) - Install Tea Commerce pachage - Create Store

Rune Grønkjær 13 Oct 2017, 10:44:24

Fantastic. Great work.

Priority: Major

Type: Bug

State: Fixed


Difficulty: Normal


Backwards Compatible: True

Fix Submitted:

Affected versions: 7.7.1, 7.7.2

Due in version: 7.7.3

Sprint: Sprint 69

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