U4-10595 - Allow content templates (aka blueprints) to have empty mandatory fields, or a mechanism to empty fields on node creation?

Created by Mike Chambers 26 Oct 2017, 10:49:09 Updated by Mike Chambers 26 Oct 2017, 11:06:23

Created a ContentTemplate(blueprint) from an existing News Story. I went to edit the ContentTemplate to remove the NewsStory Date and pageTitle, thinking that when used the content created from the template would need these fields empty to have validation on mandatory items, otherwise pages would simply be published with those wrong contentTemplate values.

Couldn't actually save the content template as that also validates as if a content node itself. (prob related to the new pipeline for validation insisting all mandatory fields are entered, rather than previously save being allowed for draft nodes/ and only publish validating)

Would seem that this would be a feature required of contentTemplates otherwise we end up with lots of pages saved and published with the default values from less savy content editors... Perhaps a simple mechanism marking the field for not for use on the created node?


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