U4-10657 - Error when running database migration as part of upgrading from 7.6.11 to 7.7.4

Created by Paul Seal 09 Nov 2017, 12:55:26 Updated by Paul Seal 09 Nov 2017, 12:55:26

I was trying to upgrade to 7.7.4 from 7.6.11 and after the NuGet update had finished I built and ran my site. I got to the final step of running the database migration scripts and it failed with a Primary Key violation error PK_userGroup2App (see attached image).

I worked around it by editing my users all to be userType 1 in the database and I changed the language to en-GB as some were just en.

Sebastiaan said I shouldn't have to do this to fix it and asked me to log an issue and send him a copy of my database.

I've sent him a copy of my database and this is me logging the issue.

I hope you manage to fix it.



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