U4-10690 - Multiple domains attached to node causes wrong URL

Created by Herman Emanuelsson 15 Nov 2017, 12:39:16 Updated by Herman Emanuelsson 15 Nov 2017, 12:39:16

If you assign multiple domains to the same root node using Culture and Hostnames for example: www.example.aa www.example.cc www.example.bb www.example.dd

The "Link to document" property adds an order by descending - displaying the urls in the wrong sort order: www.example.dd www.example.cc www.example.bb www.example.aa

All properties then uses the first domain the the list, in this example the RTE and Content Pickers refers to www.example.dd. The correct url would be www.example.aa because it has the lowest id in db.

If you use the domain service Services.DomainService.GetAssignedDomains(nodeId,false); You get the order correct.

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