U4-107 - Create folders in User section

Created by Matt Brailsford 10 Jul 2012, 08:37:47 Updated by Patrick Scott 03 Nov 2016, 14:50:55

Relates to: U4-94

When working on Umbraco projects where 80+ user accounts with different access etc. should be managed it would be nice to be able to categorise these users in folders since it can quickly become a mess to easily keep track of, which users has access to certain areas of the website etc.

Therefore I suggest to make it possible to create folders under the "User" folder when right clicking it.



Jeffrey Schoemaker 22 Jun 2016, 13:51:49

And also subfolders within folders

Patrick Scott 03 Nov 2016, 14:50:55

Wouldn't it be better to improve the searching/filtering of users to achieve your needs? That way you don't have to manage the folders and also remove the risk of adding someone to a folder without making the permission changes.

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