U4-10734 - Duplicate Property Tab Ids when utilising Composite datatype and EnableListView

Created by Chris Morley 06 Dec 2017, 11:12:19 Updated by Chris Morley 06 Dec 2017, 11:14:37

Relates to: U4-5672

Reopening U4-5672

Main issue: Both a composite tab Id and a tab generated from EnableListView feature are assigned the same Id. causing the back office to not render the properties when the tab is selected

Comment on bug above

I dont think this is quite fixed. On our latest Umbraco Cloud (7.6.11) we have a tab which is inheritting a tab from a composition with ID 12. and when we are enabling ListView the generated tab is calling

listViewTab.Id = display.Tabs.Count() + 1;

And setting its Tab Id to 12 also (due to their being 11 other tabs on the doctype).

We need to ensure that the tabId doesn't clash with any existing tabs on the doctype. I saw that there was a commit: https://github.com/umbraco/Umbraco-CMS/pull/1552/commits/56f4166be742037af72ecef65b91fd38dd7da45a which seemed to do this by adding 1 to the highest tab Id on the Document. This seems like the simplest way to achieve this.


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