U4-10903 - Testing variant flow/ui and fixing

Created by Shannon Deminick 30 Jan 2018, 18:21:43 Updated by Sebastiaan Janssen 23 Feb 2018, 14:00:45

Subtask of: U4-10747


Mads Rasmussen 21 Feb 2018, 12:44:02

'''Goals''' *Find sections and the user dropdown in the new app header. *Find and update a property on a node. *Change the language of a node and update content for that language. *Use the content-“apps” to switch between list view, content and info.

Nb. It is not a goal of this test to cover saving/publishing of multiple variants/languages. It should be tested on its own.

'''The story:'''

We own a small webshop where we sell amazing Umbraco swag. The webshop is available to the entire world and we currently have it available in 5 different languages. We need to do a bit of webmaster maintenance and update some content on the site.

#One of our products “Biker Jacket” needs a price update. Update the price on the American version to 250. #We have improved our warranty for the “Biker Jacket” in the United States. Update the warranty to 200 years instead of 100 years. #The price on the Danish version of “Biker Jacket” also needs an update. Update the price to 300. #The “Banjo”-product is not selling very well so we want to feature it on the American products page. Add the “Banjo”-product as a featured product on the “Products”-page. #We have created a new French version of the “Contact”-page which is ready to go live. Set the French version of the “Contact”-page to be published tomorrow. #One of our colleagues also want to update the content in the webshop. Add him as a new user to Umbraco. #We are all done for today - log out of Umbraco.

'''Testers''' *The tests were made at Umbraco HQ. *The tests included 8 persons in total. *The tests were all done on people who know Umbraco in different degrees starting from beginner to expert. *The testers were a combination of content editors and developers.

'''Findings''' *All testers were able to easily find the “section”-navigation and switch between “Content” and “Users” section. *All testers were able to easily find the user dialog and log out of Umbraco. *All testers were able to easily navigate to a content node in a “list view” and update a property. *All testers were able to easily find a property located in another group on a node (normally tabs) by scrolling down. *All testers quickly found the language drop-down on a node and were able to switch between variants/languages. None of the testers used the split view to update content on a variant. One tester opened a language in split view by mistake but quickly found the way to close it again. All testers expected the context of the node to switch to the selected language when using the language dropdown. The observed workflow for editing a node in a specific language was as follows: Go to a node in the tree, change the language, update the property, click “Save and publish”. One tester made changes across multiple languages and expected to be able to publish all changes at once from the publish button. All testers expected the context of the content-”apps” to change based on the selected variant/language. The observed workflow for setting a scheduled publish on the “info”-app was: Go to the node, change the language, go to info tab, set the publish date, click “Save and schedule”. *As part of the scheduled publishing test, many testers struggled to find the scheduled publishing settings in the “info”-app. Many testers looked for the setting in the “Save and publish” button popup. They then continued to the “Actions”-menu and opened the “Publish”-dialog. The testers who already know the scheduled publishing is in the “properties/info”-tab, in the current version of Umbraco, had no trouble finding the new “info”-app. *Most testers struggled with updating the featured products on a “list view”-node. They got stuck when they saw the child items and had trouble finding their way to the “content”-app to update the “featured products”. Most testers found the app after clicking around the UI for a bit - but a couple of testers needed help to move on. The tests didn’t make a clear indication of the “content”-apps weren’t visible enough or the testers just didn’t expect the functionality to be in those apps.

'''How can we improve?''' *Add a visual indicator to language drop-down for the selected language to make it more clear what is selected. *Add clear visual indicator when the context switches to a new language/variant. It might be enough to just see the content swap to another language but the prototype didn’t support that so I had to explain to many testers that the content was updated with the new language. *Consider making the active “content”-app more visible to make the area stand out more. *Consider moving schedule publish to the “save and publish”-button popup. We have already talked about doing this as part of the schedule multiple variants workflow.

All in all a test that showed we currently have a language/variant workflow that works really well and the planned UI updates for publishing multiple variants fits with these tests. My only concern is the troubles updating the content on a list view because the first you see is the child nodes.

Sebastiaan Janssen 23 Feb 2018, 14:00:42

Good outcomes here and great to have concrete action points to follow up on. I'll set this to fixed as there seems nothing more to do on it.

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