U4-10926 - UI for language support in pickers

Created by Mads Rasmussen 04 Feb 2018, 20:23:05 Updated by Mads Rasmussen 04 Apr 2018, 10:12:43

Relates to: U4-11114

Subtask of: U4-10747

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Mads Rasmussen 13 Mar 2018, 11:26:53

I have experimented with multilingual pickers and made a video which shows a user flow for translating a content node with a picker. The experiment includes the idea of being able to work in a specific “language context” all the time. Instead of going through the flow of first choosing a node from the tree and then choosing the specific language. I have added a language picker to the main tree where you can change the language context of the tree. This should hopefully give a better overview of your tree because you see all the translated node names (the ones that aren’t translated will fall back to the default language). It will also enable the editor to work faster within a specific language because they don’t have to change to the specific language every time they open a new node. The same ideas go for the pickers: If a node is set to a specific language the picker will open up with the tree in the same context. It is always possible to change the tree language within a picker if it is needed. It is not the plan to make a “complete sync” of the selected language across the UI, ex: if I switch the language in a picker the node and main tree language will not be changed.

Known challenges which still needs to be solved: Some context menu item will have to take variants/languages into consideration: ex. delete, rollback, send to translation.

The video is a mockup. PS. the magic click on the node title is just my way to fake the node is being translated :)

Mads Rasmussen 13 Mar 2018, 15:45:46

Based on feedback: we should add a white box behind the tree to lighten it up a bit.

Sebastiaan Janssen 13 Mar 2018, 20:15:36

I'll set it to reopened for now so you can check out the white box again but other than that this looks fantastic!

Mads Rasmussen 14 Mar 2018, 08:26:22

@sebastiaan I am not 100% sure why you reopened the issue? The feedback was to add the white box behind the tree in the picker and I have attached a screenshot where I did that... 😃

Sebastiaan Janssen 14 Mar 2018, 10:06:55

DUH! Haha, I was basing it on the Slack conversation, which didn't have it yet. Cool, all good!

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