U4-11001 - Umbraco.TypedMedia(id) returns null, until after InternalIndexer rebuilds it's index.

Created by Murray Roke 21 Feb 2018, 20:38:09 Updated by Murray Roke 21 Feb 2018, 20:39:26

On various website we have noticed this issue. When we call Umbraco.TypedMedia(id) we get null where I expected to get an IPublishedContent. After I rebuild the internal Index I get the IPublishedContent media item. When this occurs, it is many, but not all, media items that are missing from the index, not just one.

I don't know what led to the index missing the items, but it happens regularly enough on different enough systems that I think it needs to be raised as an issue.

We are planning to implement a band-aid solution of re-indexing each night.


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