U4-11051 - Optimisation - Ship Umbraco with the ImageProcessor Post-Processor pre-installed

Created by Pete Duncanson 04 Mar 2018, 14:12:09 Updated by Pete Duncanson 04 Mar 2018, 14:25:35

Duplicates: U4-11041

Subtask of: U4-11042

Mr James South and I had a discussion about trying to get WebP installed as part of my back office improvements and in his own words is a bit tricky as you have to ship a C++ library outside of the bin folder and have some stuff installed on your server that is all beyond what the Umbraco install should be allowed to do.

HOWEVER, he did say that with the new JPEG compressions stuff thats out you can get a massive boost with more browser support using his wonderful Post-Processor which he says you just install and forget..."it just works".

If that is the case then Umbraco should just ship with that pre-installed and give a 25% ish improvement in compression on media galleries and media pickers for everyone!


Pete Duncanson 04 Mar 2018, 14:25:08

Just saw this conversation on twitter, cross post tastic :)


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