U4-11068 - In tablet screen size you can't do anything with Users section as the tree is hidden?

Created by Pete Duncanson 06 Mar 2018, 14:06:44 Updated by Pete Duncanson 21 Aug 2018, 13:33:33

Spotted this today while messing around with dev tools. If you go to a tablet ish size and click on users the tree is hidden and appear to be no way to show it. See screenshot for what I'm seeing!

Width >= 1100px seems to trigger it.

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Bjarne Fyrstenborg 07 Mar 2018, 12:08:14

I think the tree opens when you click/touch the section and dissapear after selecting a tree node and click in editing area.

Pete Duncanson 07 Mar 2018, 12:59:08

Ahhh so it does! Boy is that not obivous. Wonder what we could do to fix that? Tooltip? Have the tree not collapse all the way and instead show a "ribbon" of somesort you can click on to open it?

Bjarne Fyrstenborg 07 Mar 2018, 16:59:38

It could have some kind of toggle button to open/close the tree, which open the three as overlayor maybe expand the tree (slide in), so the editing area is moved to the right, while the tree is open. Maybe something like in nopCommerce backend - just for the tree instead.

Pete Duncanson 21 Aug 2018, 13:33:33

@madsrasmussen any ideas on this one for V8?

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