U4-11258 - Crash when upgrading from 6.2.6 to 7.10

Created by Asbjørn Riis-Knudsen 20 Apr 2018, 08:30:56 Updated by Adam 15 May 2018, 15:04:50

Is duplicated by: U4-11300

I'm upgrading a site from 6.2.6 to 7.10.3.

However, I cannot get past the login screen. This is somewhat related to U4-10138, but the cause seems to be different.

I debugged a little and it seems to crash with a null reference around these lines in UmbracoBackOfficeIdentity (lines 229-230): //The security stamp claim is also required... this is because this claim type is hard coded // by the SecurityStampValidator, see: https://katanaproject.codeplex.com/workitem/444 if (HasClaim(x => x.Type == Microsoft.AspNet.Identity.Constants.DefaultSecurityStampClaimType) == false) AddClaim(new Claim(Microsoft.AspNet.Identity.Constants.DefaultSecurityStampClaimType, SecurityStamp, ClaimValueTypes.String, Issuer, Issuer, this));

SecurityStamp is null here, which I believe is the issue.

This was changed in this commit here: https://github.com/umbraco/Umbraco-CMS/commit/782d6100#diff-8ba1426c8f760ba7e8733e11fcaef667 (judging by the tags, this was introduced in 7.7.10).

So, I'm going to experiment a bit with upgrading to 7.7.9 instead to see if that resolves it.


Asbjørn Riis-Knudsen 20 Apr 2018, 08:40:20

So, just for fun I tried 7.7.10, which allowed me to log in. So my hypothesis is not entirely correct...Unfortunately, I haven't got time to experiment more right now. However, I can provide a copy of the site and database.

Asbjørn Riis-Knudsen 04 May 2018, 07:23:35

I also recently tried upgrading a 7.2.8 site to 7.10.4. This failed in the same manner, however upgrading to 7.7.13 first works.

Nicholas Westby 04 May 2018, 17:53:51

I and my coworker have also seen this on 7.10.4 with a site that we tried upgrading from 7.1.4. Details in the duplicate ticket: http://issues.umbraco.org/issue/U4-11300

Adam 15 May 2018, 15:04:50

I found another workaround - just put GUID`s into securityStampToken column and then login: update [umbracoUser] set securityStampToken = NEWID()

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