U4-11339 - User permissions does not work in listview in 7.10.4

Created by Martin Wülser Larsen 14 May 2018, 10:02:53 Updated by Sebastiaan Janssen 20 Jun 2018, 13:36:49

Be awesome, answer these questions if possible:

Why? I just discovered that after having upgraded to 7.10.4, a whole group of users that were previously able to edit their own individual nodes in a listview, are no longer able to do so.

The group permissions are set up to give access to the "main" content node containing the list, and then the individual users are given access to each item on the list to be able to see and edit only the items I selected.

What? Users are no longer able to edit content that is in a list view, if that content is limited by content specific permissions.

How? I just took a trial of Umbraco Cloud, and recreated the issue. These are the steps to reproduce the issue:

  1. In a Cloud trial with the Starterkit, create a usergroup with access to sections "Content" and "Media".
  2. Set the content start node to be "Products" and the Media start node to be anything. I choose "Design".
  3. Give the following permissions to the usergroup: - Audit trail - Browse Node - Publish - Send To Translation - Send To Publish - Update
  4. Create and invite a new user. Remember to add them to the usergroup you just created.
  5. Set the "Content start node" of the user to be an item on the list. I chose: "Biker Jacket", and Save the user.
  6. Log ind with the newly created user, and you won't be able to see the list or the content that the user should have access to edit.

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Robert Copilau 14 May 2018, 12:47:11

Hey @wulser, it seems that it has to do with list views, a workaround is to uncheck list view and it will work. I am looking into a way to fix this, but keep in mind that I am on Huntsman so I will have to split my time between tasks.

Martin Wülser Larsen 14 May 2018, 13:47:18

Hey @robertcopilau. So can our partners do that themselves when they log in? I can't seem to find where to uncheck the list view. They can't even see the node where the list is on.

Robert Copilau 15 May 2018, 06:07:41

@wulser you can find the list view checkbox in the document type that acts as the parent node, I have attached a picture showing exactly where. As if they can do it themselves, as long as they have access to the settings section they can :)

Robert Copilau 15 May 2018, 09:23:39


Priority: Major

Type: Bug

State: Fixed




Backwards Compatible: True

Fix Submitted: Pull request

Affected versions: 7.10.4

Due in version: 7.12.0


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