U4-11376 - Full content cache refreshing when variant structures are changed

Created by Stephan 28 May 2018, 09:29:03 Updated by Stephan 11 Jun 2018, 09:01:07

Subtask of: U4-11279

We need to think of the best way to solve these changes since in theory these will need to trigger a full rebuild of all caches and indexes:

  • Deleting a language when there is already content variants created for that language will require a rebuild of the front-end caches
  • Changing variations on a doc type, or adding/removing languages and changing default languages will cause content caches to be stale and they will need to rebuild
  • and probably more

We could 'just' fully rebuild all caches automatically when these things change but that might not be very pleasant.

So the question is should we 'just' rebuild? Or should we think of a better strategy to manage this like:

  • a dashboard to see what is out of sync
  • better UI alerts/prompts when making these changes as to whether cache rebuilding should occur


Stephan 30 May 2018, 07:22:29

Note: this is purely about cache refreshing, not about copying values back and forth when going to/from variant

Shannon Deminick 01 Jun 2018, 05:40:28

Note: when deleting a language when there are variations published for it already will cause some ysods on the front-end because the culture is still in the cache (that's probably obvious but thought i'd mention it)

Stephan 01 Jun 2018, 05:55:34

note: there was a situation where anything going to the bin would still remain routed (visible from front end) - the reason was that the cache was ignoring the "trashed" flag and reloading trashed content - fixed in temp8

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