U4-11402 - Switching doctype to variant requires setting a new name

Created by Claus Jensen 01 Jun 2018, 06:16:33 Updated by Claus Jensen 01 Jun 2018, 06:28:11

Tags: Consider for sprint

Subtask of: U4-11279

Having a non-variant doctype and then changing it to a variant one (only one language set up).

The document still renders in the tree with a name - but there is no name set on the node and it also cannot be resaved/published until you manually type in a name (although you get the impression that it has a name already because that is displayed in the tree - and it had a name before it became variant).

Could it default to copy over/use the invariant name as default in this scenario?


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Affected versions: 8.0.0

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