U4-11448 - Selecting to make a property vary by culture removes existing content for that property

Created by Andy Butland 17 Jun 2018, 07:09:26 Updated by Andy Butland 17 Jun 2018, 07:09:26

Am playing around with the latest alpha, noticed the behaviour in that if you create a property that's not varying by culture, enter and save some content and then go and change the property so it does vary, then the existing content is lost (the field is blank).

It would likely be better if the existing content could be retained.

I guess under the covers this could mean copying to each language variant for any content using the document type - but i guess that's not really feasible as could be expensive of course.

Or perhaps somehow retaining it as default content to provide in the editor or front-end if there's no content entered at the language level?

Not sure on the solution but raising as think this kind of change of mind could be quite common.


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