U4-11498 - Make it possible to edit tags

Created by Jan Skovgaard 03 Jul 2018, 18:13:20 Updated by Jan Skovgaard 27 Jul 2018, 06:21:51

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Parent for: U4-11535

Currently it's not possible to edit tags the added tags when using the built in tags property editor. The only option is to delete the tag and then add it again with the correct spelling. But this is not ideal since the tag is added to a group and is easy reusable on other pages, which means that currently one needs to delete and re-add the tag on every page where it's in use and is misspelled if it has been selected using the typeahead feature for instance.


Sebastiaan Janssen 10 Jul 2018, 09:24:43

That would be wonderful!

The biggest problem I see is that if you update the spelling of one tag, it will not update on documents where you've used it before. This would not be a big problem but if you go to an older document and then publish it, the new tag value will be published.

Now that I'm typing this, I am not even sure if we store the tags or the Id for the tag, so this might not be entirely true.

Also: how do you envision editing the tag? Inline on a document when you notice the spelling error? How would you do it, double click to edit or something? Might be better to have a dashboard to edit tags that can also tell you where the tag you're correcting is being used?

If we can work out a good way then I'd love to see a PR for this!

Søren Kottal 10 Jul 2018, 09:56:31

I was thinking a dashboard (or a tree of tag groups), but where would that exist? Is it content or settings?

IIRC the tags are saved as strings on nodes, so you would have to update tags on every node using the tag you are editing.

I think it could be fun to do this PR, but I think HQ must provide some guidelines on how they want it implemented.

Jan Skovgaard 10 Jul 2018, 10:06:14

Yeah I had a suspicion that it would not be as easy as it sounds :)

I was thinking of changing the delete function to make use of the "confirm" directive or whatever it's called. The one that reveals the "check mark" or the "X" so the tags is not deleted straight away as it is now if you just click it. No warning or anything. That's a bit harsh! :) - Also that would align things a bit more UI wise. This could also easily by a minor PR in it's own.

Below the "delete" icon I was thinking about placing an edit icon like the "pen" or whatever icon it is that we use by convention in the back-office to let users know that something is editable. Can't remember this at the time of writing. When clicking that option the text should be editable somehow. Maybe it's an overlay with an input field or what we have in the toolbox that could make sense to use and visually look good too.

But perhaps a dashboard is a better option - Just don't know how the user experience should be designed for this to make sense for an editor? Would it be possible to have a hidden dashboard at the "Content" node, which is visible whenever a tags datatype is added to a document type, which could then list the different tags groups having a list of tags that can be edited from there? Maybe on the tags datatype it could be possible to display a link to the dashboard when clicking the "Edit" button as described in my suggestion above? Does my thinking make sense? :-) And maybe in the dashboard there could be a "Republish all nodes" which has the changed tags?...

Looking at the above suggestion it does sound a bit complicated for "just" needing to edit one tag though. But it's a real issue that some people experience nonetheless. But there might be an even smarter solution...let's keep this one boiling :)

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