U4-11558 - Sort Hostnames in Culture & Hostnames dialog[Feature Request]

Created by Niels Lyngsø 07 Aug 2018, 08:27:31 Updated by Jan Skovgaard 22 Aug 2018, 06:23:54

Tags: Up For Grabs

I would like to be able to sort Hostnames in Culture & Hostnames dialog.

Why? I would like to use the order of the hostnames to define the main-hostname, which as an example could be used for the canonical URL in the front-end.

Example code:

umbraco.cms.businesslogic.web.Domain[] domains = Domain.GetDomainsById(website.Id);
Domain canonicalDomain = domains[0];
string canonicalURL = "//"+canonicalDomain.Name+umbraco.library.NiceUrl(CurrentPage.Id);

How? It should be a discreet option, I´m thinking a simple drag n´ drop feature in the list, if necessary you can add a handle icon ( = ), to indicate that you can drag, or to give a limited drag-interaction-area.


Sebastiaan Janssen 07 Aug 2018, 08:32:36

I've marked as "Up for grabs" so that you or someone else coming along could create a pull request for it.

Jan Skovgaard 22 Aug 2018, 06:23:54

Unfortunately this is still an iframe so it's a bit more advanced to make the sort option than if it was already converted to AngularJS. Maybe the task of converting this to AngularJS should be created as a seperate issue? Also some of the markup and styling could use some TLC aligning the UI with the rest of the shiny new backoffice

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