U4-1156 - Publicize experimental features: IFileSystem, PhysicalFileSystem, etc...

Created by Shannon Deminick 08 Nov 2012, 03:25:17 Updated by Steven Moschidis 17 Jun 2014, 23:19:24

Relates to: U4-1469

Relates to: U4-1456

All classes that will need to become public are: IFileSystem, PhysicalFileSystem, MediaFileSystem, FIleSystemExtensions, FileSystemProvider, FileSystemProviderAttribute, FileSystemProviderManager, FileSystemWrapper

Once these are public people can start using the new FileSystem's to access files like media that might exist elsewhere from the physical file system.

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Shannon Deminick 14 Jan 2013, 22:18:25

Have changed to a bug because the drag/drop to add media doesn't work until this is public in medium trust.

Erlend Røsjø 14 May 2013, 11:26:23

Correct me if I'm wrong, but why is this issue marked as fixed even though classes such as FileSystemProvider, FileSystemProviderAttribute and FileSystemProviderManager still are internal?

Shannon Deminick 14 May 2013, 23:43:18

Doh! Oversight on my part :( Will fix today.

Shannon Deminick 15 May 2013, 00:19:53

Thats all done in revision: ddb85e0e4f63 however the class that holds some constants : FileSystemProvider has been renamed and still internal, you shouldn't be using string aliases to reference IFileSystem's and instead use the strongly typed method GetFileSystemProvider on the FileSystemProviderManager.

Erlend Røsjø 15 May 2013, 06:47:21

Nice, thanks

Steven Moschidis 17 Jun 2014, 22:25:13

There are a bunch of extension methods in FileSystemExtensions that are still marked internal with a link to this issue (cf. screenshot).

Seems like they have been overlooked?

Shannon Deminick 17 Jun 2014, 23:07:06

What version are you looking at? They are public in 7.1.4

Steven Moschidis 17 Jun 2014, 23:19:24

I'm on v6, 6.1.6

Just checked 6.2.1 and they're public. Apologies for the double take

Priority: Normal

Type: Bug

State: Fixed

Assignee: Shannon Deminick

Difficulty: Normal

Category: Architecture

Backwards Compatible: False

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Affected versions: 4.10.0, 4.11.0, 4.11.1, 4.11.2, 4.11.3

Due in version: 6.0.0, 4.11.4


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