U4-11589 - Document Type Collection should create templates for created types

Created by Heather L Floyd 20 Aug 2018, 21:28:33 Updated by Sebastiaan Janssen 31 Aug 2018, 18:16:59

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Relates to: U4-11607

Relates to: U4-11276

The new "Document Type Collection" would be a fantastic time-saver - if matching templates were also created.

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Sebastiaan Janssen 24 Aug 2018, 08:50:45

Agreed! It would be lovely to have 2 checkboxes added to the create dialog. A quick (terrible) mockup is attached.

Marcel van Helmont 28 Aug 2018, 16:50:27

@sebastiaan is it not a beter UX if we make it inside the create dialog? Just like the screenshot I have added?

Heather L Floyd 28 Aug 2018, 17:02:43

@mvanhelmont I can see why you'd suggest that, in terms of UX consistency... but how would we handle "I want a template for the child doctype, but not for the parent doctype" or vice-versa? We'd then need 4 additional options (No templates, both templates, child template only, parent template only), which starts to get confusing.

I think it would be better from a consistency perspective to just have three options in the create dialog (Document Type, Document Type Collection, Folder), and put a "Create a template" check box on the "Document Type" dialog and two on the "Document Type Collection" dialog.

Sebastiaan Janssen 28 Aug 2018, 17:46:22

I agree @hfloyd! 👍 The current old UX is a bit wonky! :-)

Marcel van Helmont 28 Aug 2018, 18:37:20

@hfloyd a i see that's a beter way indeed. have maybe a beter mockup version also making the toggle labels generic. Was a bit weird when the textbox where empty.

Heather L Floyd 28 Aug 2018, 18:43:24

I think that looks good, @mvanhelmont

Now we just need someone who knows Angular to build it ;-)

Marcel van Helmont 28 Aug 2018, 19:04:50

@hfloyd I am currently working on a pull request

Marcel van Helmont 28 Aug 2018, 19:30:30

PR: https://github.com/umbraco/Umbraco-CMS/pull/2882

Currently the templates are checked by default if it need changed then I can change the PR.

Heather L Floyd 28 Aug 2018, 19:45:52

@mvanhelmont H5YR!

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