U4-11603 - RTE disappears when reordering grid layout

Created by John Geary 24 Aug 2018, 14:35:02 Updated by Sebastiaan Janssen 25 Aug 2018, 09:42:55

Duplicates: U4-9030

We are currently using version 7.9.0 but the client reports this has been a problem for some time so would also be affecting v7.5.*.

Generally we may have a few different controls in a content area and juggle them around from time to time. In the example given from the client they have a couple of Quote controls and another couple of RTE with text/paragraphs of content. Client wishes to move a quote to the top of the page above the top RTE control.

We expect when they drag the quote up there and click to confirm finished re-ordering that it will show all the content in it's new order.

What we find is that any content from within any RTE disappears and doesn't display in the new location immediately. If we save and then refresh the page then it does come back. As this has been a problem for some time that our client had hoped would be resolved by our last upgrade; it would be appreciated if we could give them some feedback or path to a solution.

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Sebastiaan Janssen 25 Aug 2018, 09:42:56

See u4-9030 - there's a pull request for it, so let's hope it fixes the issue.

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