U4-1329 - copy paste special characters in nodename are not always filtered for url building

Created by Sander Houttekier 17 Dec 2012, 13:31:46 Updated by Sebastiaan Janssen 17 Dec 2012, 13:53:48

Duplicates: U4-750

When copy pasting 'Joëlle' in the nodename from certain locations (Outlook mail and word definitely) they get changed into 'Jo¨elle' which of course does not get filtered via the config settings for special character replacements.

1 of the solutions i would propose, is a different system for nodename validation, instead of filtering out the many possible weird characters, why not turn the system around.

add a config node with a regular expressions that needs to pass when nodenames are tested against it. a-zA-Z0-9 etc.. and this way you don't have to exclude so many characters.

and on a sidenote, why not do a urlencode on the nodename string before using it in the URL?


Sebastiaan Janssen 17 Dec 2012, 13:53:48

Considering this a duplicate as this same discussion is being held in the related issue. Please read and pitch in. :)

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