U4-1740 - Member Web Service does not account for Groups in Create or Update.

Created by Casey Neehouse 19 Feb 2013, 15:13:02 Updated by James Borza 13 May 2013, 16:07:34

The Member Carrier supports the groups, but the Create and Update does not process them.

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Paul Sterling 09 May 2013, 20:18:54

Using the below...the member is not added to the member group (4.11.7):

memberService memService = new memberService(); memberCarrier memCarrier = new memberCarrier();

memCarrier.LoginName = "myussername"; memCarrier.Password = "pass"; memCarrier.DisplayedName = "userdude"; memCarrier.Email = "userdude@domain.com";

//create new member in umbraco memService.create(memCarrier, 1176, "admin", "password"); memberCarrier updateCarrier = memService.readByLogin("userdude", "", "user", "password");

//add member to group memberGroup memGroup = new memberGroup(); memGroup.GroupID = 1177; memGroup.GroupName = "Member"; updateCarrier .Groups = new memberGroup[] ;

updateCarrier.Email = "userdude@domain.com"; updateCarrier.Password = "pass"; memService.update(updateCarrier, "user", "password");

The member group is not added though (even after the update).

Sebastiaan Janssen 13 May 2013, 11:55:21

After the security issues, we decided to discontinue the webservices project and the dll won't be shipped out of the box any more, so this is not getting fixed in the core. Please use the latest version from the 4.11.7 source (security issues have been fixed in it) attached.

James Borza 13 May 2013, 16:07:34

Do you plan on creating a member interface that doesn't require httpcontext to update/create members? I know this was planned for v5 but haven't heard anything since.

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