U4-1975 - Unable to publish node due to third party cancellation

Created by Tom Martin 21 Mar 2013, 14:16:12 Updated by Sebastiaan Janssen 22 Jul 2013, 14:29:58

Relates to: U4-2095

I am trying to publish a node under Content (just a basic document type inheriting from a Base type - with four properties - textstring, richtext x2, macro container), but I keep getting the following message in a popup on Save & Publish... "Publish was cancelled by a third-party plugin"

I am using Umbraco v6.0.2 (Assembly version: 1.0.4811.18151), in MVC mode. I tried upgrading to 6.0.3 nightly build but no change.

Have tried other nodes (and ones that inherit from the same base node) and they are fine.

If I copy an existing node then it lets me publish, I cannot create a new one of it's type, however.

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Tom Martin 21 Mar 2013, 19:59:10

Nothing in the log to suggest an error... in fact it seems to report it as published ok...

Morten Christensen 21 Mar 2013, 20:35:12

Any kind of validation/mandatory settings on any of the properties? Is all ancestors published? And have you verified that the content in question is not in the XML cache - umbraco.config.

Tom Martin 08 Apr 2013, 11:53:02

Yes all ancestors published. I have upgraded to 6.0.3 stable but still am getting the same issue.

Morten Christensen 08 Apr 2013, 13:20:30

Could you check the log file (/App_Data/Logs/UmbracoTraceLog.txt), search for the name or id of the node you are trying to publish and see if there is any additional information as to why the content can't be published.

Tom Martin 08 Apr 2013, 13:45:40

2013-04-08 07:44:06,710 [6] INFO Umbraco.Core.Services.ContentService - [Thread 51] Content 'Terms & Conditions' with Id '1254' could not be published because of invalid properties.

Morten Christensen 08 Apr 2013, 13:57:05

Was the site created on a fresh 6.0.2 stable release or maybe a previous release or nightly build? It sounds like you are experiencing the same thing as was fixed for issue U4-1835 but that was part of 6.0.3, so don't understand why you would still be experiencing it after having upgraded to 6.0.3.

Tom Martin 08 Apr 2013, 13:59:48

It was created on a stable 6.0.0 or 6.0.1 build. I then upgraded to 6.0.2, and then 6.0.3 nightly and then 6.0.3 stable

Tom Martin 08 Apr 2013, 14:14:23

If I remember correctly I had the issue in a prior 6.0.x version but it disappeared on upgrade, then started reappearing again on 6.0.2

Morten Christensen 08 Apr 2013, 14:34:55

okay, this all sounds a bit strange but I suspect that a property type might have moved between doc types when you were on 6.0.0 or 6.0.1. There were some issues with doc type inheritance in the first version(s) of v6. I can't remember if it was limited to 6.0.0 or in 6.0.1 as well - it was fully fixed in 6.0.2, but there is a slight chance that a property type has become incorrect. Do you have or use any kind of inheritance in your doc type structure? If so, did you ever experience property types moving between tabs upon saving?

Tom Martin 08 Apr 2013, 14:53:19

This content nodes document type inherits from a Base node, but that's all. I didn't notice any thing moving between tabs etc

Tom Martin 08 Apr 2013, 14:53:46

Also if I copy an existing node, I can publish that, but not new ones

Morten Christensen 08 Apr 2013, 15:09:07

Would it be possible for you to send me a zip with backup of the database? You can attach it to this issue and set "Visible to" HQ, so access is restricted to Umbraco HQ or you can email it to me directly.

Morten Christensen 09 Apr 2013, 12:10:49

Just to verify - on the page 'Terms & Conditions' you have 4 mandatory properties: Landing Page Title, Landing Page Short Text, Landing Page Content and Promo Chooser Are they all filled out (not empty)? And do you get any red bar indicating that a specific property is not filled or otherwise invalid? (just trying to figure out if its down to a single property and/or DataType that is causing issues). Maybe try and turn the Mandatory setting on/off to check.

Tom Martin 09 Apr 2013, 13:04:14

Ok it's because two of the properties are macro containers. The error message is therefore misleading as when you don't specify a macro, you get the 'publishing cancelled by 3rd party plugin' rather than a red error message as is consistent with other mandatory fields.

Tom Fulton 10 Apr 2013, 18:10:38

I ran into this today on v6.1.0 with an MNTP. Still trying to figure out how to reproduce on a fresh install.

My new install is a fresh 6.1.0-beta. I have an MNTP that's mandatory and has "max items" set to 2. If I leave the MNTP blank, I get the "Publishing cancelled" error. Removing the Mandatory flag allows it to publish with no problems. If I select a node in the MTNP publishing also works fine.

Will update if I can figure out how to reproduce on a blank install

Tom Fulton 10 Apr 2013, 18:20:18

Actually, it seems to reproduce, just add a new MNTP to an existing (or new) document type and mark it as mandatory. Try to publish the page without selecting any nodes in the MTNP, and the error appears.

Here's a screencast showing the behavior on a fresh 6.1.0 beta w/Business Starter Kit: http://screencast.com/t/eyTBxIjJqakK

I would expect the red validation summary to appear instead.

Sebastiaan Janssen 18 Apr 2013, 07:31:30

Got it, the problem occurs when you add a new property that will have a value of null when left empty.

The requiredfieldvalidator seems to ignore a value of null, therefore setting the mntp value to valid. Then later on the ContentServices picks up and checks the mandatory values again and finds the null value and then generates this error.

Sam Horne 27 Jun 2013, 00:16:50

Sebastian - is there a work around to get these properties validating correctly?

Publishing a node with a property of a custom datatype (checkboxlist with prevalues) displays 'publishing was cancelled by a 3rd party add-in', when this property is mandatory and missing from the document on publish.

Sebastiaan Janssen 22 Jul 2013, 14:29:51

Fixed for 6.1.3 in revision 6f9883d373b63cdbc252da9a20b1044adef08e7f @Sam sorry, there's no workaround. Upgrade to 6.1.3 when it's released Thursday.

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