U4-1985 - Umbraco v6.0.2 media upload not working correctly - have to press save twice during file upload or the image is changed in rich text editor on publish.

Created by Rick F 21 Mar 2013, 21:49:18 Updated by Asbjørn Riis-Knudsen 21 Mar 2013, 22:47:56

Duplicates: U4-1808

I am having trouble with the media upload in v6.0.2. I created and loaded a new image through the media section, saved it and it all appeared fine, then through the rich text editor added the image to a table cell where it also appeared correctly. However, on saving or publishing the page, the image in the editor would change. The wrong path and subsequent image was now displayed in the rich text editor and it always changed to the same wrong image. If I went straight to publish after inserting the image, not save/preview first, the correct image would actually appear in the front end. The same thing would occur if I used the insert image function in the RTE and choose the Create image tab.

I have 5 images within a folder in the media section and what ever image I tried to load into the rte it appeared to change to the image with the lowest node id of the images in the same folder as the one I inserted, so the first one I uploaded. Reloading the page in Umbraco still displayed the wrong image in the editor as the wrong path was saved in the html. A republish of the page at this point changed the image on the front end to the incorrect image as expected.

I tried a number of things including adding different file types, uploading the same file without deleting the original file first, uploading after deleting the original file (not the node) but nothing worked... UNTIL i was lucky enough to discover that saving the file at least twice per upload seemed to resolve the problem. So i had to go back and upload all my images again and press save 3 times each time i uploaded the file.

THE WORK AROUND: So in the media section, create or locate the offending image, browse for the same or different file to upload then click Save, wait for it to say saved successfully then press save again a couple more times (prob only needed once more). Then back to the rich text editor in my content page, remove the wrong image, add the correct image, press save or publish and it works! It now stays with the image I selected.


Asbjørn Riis-Knudsen 21 Mar 2013, 22:47:56

This issue has been fixed in Umbraco 6.0.3, which will be released soon. You can download a nightly build if you need it now.

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