U4-2148 - Specify Width & Height for Thumbnails on Upload Property Editor

Created by Sam Kimmel 24 Apr 2013, 14:57:57 Updated by Sebastiaan Janssen 29 May 2014, 16:13:37

It would be nice if we could specify a rectangular bounding box instead of a square for the Upload Property Editor. Currently you can specify numbers separated by semi-colons to create multiple thumbnails square bounding boxes for uploaded images. For example, "80;160;300;600" would create 4 thumbnails limiting the longer length (width or height) of the image to the values specified in the string.

I would propose doing something like "80;160/106;300/200;600/400". This would allow you to specify either a square bounding box, or a rectangular one. In this example, the first thumbnail would be bound to an 80w x 80h square; the second 160w x 106h; then 300w x 200h; and finally 600w x 400h.

The reason for this is that most website images are not square. They are usually a mix of portrait and landscape images. In order to make listing pages that contain both graphics more attractive, tall images often need to be scaled down to match the height of the wide images.

I'm currently working around this by creating extra thumbnails (106;160;200;300;400;600) and using a True/False IsTallImage property on my articles to select which thumbnail to display.


Sam Kimmel 21 Feb 2014, 19:38:18

I see you've updated the "Add Thumbnail Size" interface of the Upload control. Any chance of taking two dimensions for a rectangular bounding box instead of just one dimension for a square bounding box?

Sebastiaan Janssen 29 May 2014, 16:13:31

@sweeperq We recommend you use the built in ImageProcessor for that, documented here: http://imageprocessor.org/

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