U4-2166 - umbracoRedirect doesnt seem to be picking up the www when using multiple hostnames

Created by Damian Green 29 Apr 2013, 15:19:37 Updated by Damian Green 29 Apr 2013, 16:31:29

I have used fiddler to inspect the web requests and when there is a redirect on a node it seems to be just suing the domain name.

This is on version 4.7.1

Don't have newer a test version available at the moment.

This has come to light as we have a client with a local DNS issue and anything with the redirect (and no www) does not work since we enabled multiple hostnames.


Damian Green 29 Apr 2013, 15:29:08

Has a fix been implemented in a newer version?

Damian Green 29 Apr 2013, 16:31:15

Ignore - wasn't a bug - it was a typo on the hostname!

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