U4-2241 - Native Multi-node tree picker in Member Types: Saving clears selected items

Created by Strigo Okuloj 16 May 2013, 09:03:43 Updated by Shannon Deminick 07 Nov 2013, 01:27:30


I have a problem using native Multi-node tree picker in Umbraco v6.0.2 (Assembly version: 1.0.4811.18151).

When selecting some nodes and saving the page, the selected items disappears until i re-enter the page again.

This only happens with member types. Outside member types works well :-o

Data type settings:

  • Select tree type: Content
  • Node selection type: Node Picker
  • XPath filter type: Disable
  • XPath filter: empty
  • Maximum node selections: -1
  • Minimum node selections: 0
  • Show tooltip for selected item: disabled
  • Data as CSV or XML?: CSV
  • Pixel height of the tree control box: 200

Can this be avoided?


Sebastiaan Janssen 17 May 2013, 07:41:49

Yup, this is fixed in 6.0.3 or 6.0.4. Please upgrade to 6.0.5 ASAP becuase of this security issue http://umbraco.com/follow-us/blog-archive/2013/5/1/security-update-two-major-vulnerabilities-found.aspx

Strigo Okuloj 17 May 2013, 08:05:27

I have another server that has installed the latest version 6.0.5, the same error occurs.

Guillaume Martin 22 May 2013, 03:17:30

I have the same issue with Umbraco 6.0.5 and uComponent Multi-Node Tree Picker. As Strigo mentionned, it works flawlessly for Content Nodes, but it fails for Members.

Someone reported the issue on uComponent "Issues" section: http://ucomponents.codeplex.com/workitem/14657

If this can help.

Strigo Okuloj 22 May 2013, 11:04:51

I think I found a solution. If you see that it's a bad practice, please tell me. In the /App_Code, I created a file (RegisterEvents.cs) with the following code:

using Umbraco.Core; using System; using System.Web; using Umbraco.Web; using umbraco.BusinessLogic; using umbraco.cms.businesslogic; using umbraco.cms.businesslogic.web; using umbraco.cms.businesslogic.member;

namespace Umbraco.Extensions.EventHandlers { public class RegisterEvents : IApplicationEventHandler { public void OnApplicationInitialized(UmbracoApplicationBase httpApplication, ApplicationContext applicationContext) public void OnApplicationStarting(UmbracoApplicationBase httpApplication, ApplicationContext applicationContext) public void OnApplicationStarted(UmbracoApplicationBase httpApplication, ApplicationContext applicationContext) { Member.AfterSave += Refresh; } private void Refresh(Member sender, SaveEventArgs e) { if (HttpContext.Current != null) { if (HttpContext.Current.Request.RawUrl.Contains("editMember.aspx")) { HttpContext.Current.Response.Redirect(HttpContext.Current.Request.RawUrl); } } } } }

Guillaume Martin 22 May 2013, 15:45:24

Your code works for me, except it refreshes and reverts to the first tab (while my Multi-Node Tree Picker is on the second tab). Other than that, it works. Good solution for now, until it's fixed in Umbraco Core.


Shannon Deminick 07 Nov 2013, 01:03:47

Fixed in fc0654a80fc5a351383772d7a4ae9cf5f08e2c02 will post nightly link up shortly

Shannon Deminick 07 Nov 2013, 01:27:30

Use build #97 http://nightly.umbraco.org/umbraco%206.2.0/

Priority: Normal

Type: Bug

State: Fixed

Assignee: Shannon Deminick

Difficulty: Normal


Backwards Compatible: True

Fix Submitted:

Affected versions: 6.0.5

Due in version: 6.2.0


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