U4-2274 - streamline starter kits / skins

Created by Yannick Smits 27 May 2013, 09:55:51 Updated by Claus Jensen 14 Apr 2016, 09:52:47

to the user it is not clear why there is both: http://our.umbraco.org/projects/starter-kits and Developer > Packages > install starter kit

Can we somehow streamline these 2 efforts? Skinning has always be a weak point in umbraco and having these 2 different ways to start/skin make it confusing.


Claus Jensen 14 Apr 2016, 09:52:44

Currently you can opt for easily installing a skin directly through the backoffice of Umbraco using the second approach.

If you prefer downloading the package and installing it manually through the "Install local package" feature in the backoffice you would however need to get it from Our (this could be the case if you use the same package on multiple sites).

This is the reason for having multiple approaches for skins.

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