U4-239 - Can't access the recycle bin when user's Start Node isn't Content

Created by Sebastiaan Janssen 16 Aug 2012, 06:53:22 Updated by Gareth Wright 08 Aug 2018, 15:08:22

Relates to: U4-10173

Subtask of: U4-9609

Umbraco users that has a Start Node other than the default Content Node, can no longer access the recycle bin. It becomes very obvious when you are working on multilingual websites, where Writers and Editors only has access to their own country node.

I realise it is not easy to change this behavior, but at the same time it really breaks the user workflow.

''Originally created on CodePlex by [bjawnie|http://www.codeplex.com/site/users/view/bjawnie]'' on 7/6/2010 6:51:24 PM [Codeplex ID: 27983 - Codeplex Votes: 18]

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''Comment by [Shandem|http://www.codeplex.com/site/users/view/Shandem] on 8/19/2010 2:37:59 PM:'' Yes, this has been discussed on numerous occasions. The issue is that the recycle bin contains all nodes and actually changes the node path (since it's in a different location in the tree when it is moved there) so if people that only had access to certain nodes had access to the recycle bin, they would see and could also restore content they never had access to in the first place.

A work around would be to add a field to the user property to enable/disable showing the recycle bin regardless of their start node id.

I'll update this bug to be a feature request.

''Comment by [Myster|http://www.codeplex.com/site/users/view/Myster] on 2/17/2011 5:00:13 AM:'' If we could retain or copy the original nodepath (or not have the recycle bin work by moving) then we could filter the recycle bin to only show nodes that WERE within the branch specified by the user's startnode.

This has the added benefit of when you un-delete the system could know where in the tree to restore the content.

Side Note: If their start Node is changed then their view of the recycle bin is also affected, but I don't see that as a problem, I see it as expected behaviour. Eg: if you move from a start node of America to a start node of New Zealand you should not have to see American rubbish in your bin. ;-)

''Comment by [Shandem|http://www.codeplex.com/site/users/view/Shandem] on 2/17/2011 5:04:39 AM:'' When a node is moved to the recycle bin, it's parent node id becomes that of the recycle bin... the original id is not retained because currently there is no such storage place to do so.

To make this work we would have to track the original parent Id to see if the current user would have access to view it in the recycle bin. There will be a massive CPU overhead for this sort of lookup if there are a lot of items in the bin.

I'm sure we could figure out a better way to do this without the overhead but this will require a schema and database upgrade to do it.

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jonas carlson 15 Mar 2016, 07:35:50

Why is this not fixed. Its a major issue on multisites.

Murray Roke 14 Nov 2016, 01:07:20

This was closed with no explanation, I guess that was by mistake, so I've opened it again.

Claus Jensen 14 Nov 2016, 08:28:11

@Murray.Roke I think this was closed by mistake as it was one of the really old issues imported from Codeplex. We've been closing a bunch of the old ones that weren't relevant any longer, to clean up the tracker a bit and get rid of inactive issues and issues that doesn't really exist anymore.

This one however seems to still be relevant so fine to leave it open. Just as an update to anyone wanting to look into this:

-We create a relation on deleting documents: relateParentDocumentOnDelete - I would assume some of the functionality mentioned above could be implemented using this relation. -There will most likely still be a massive overhead due to having to look up the parent node of everything inside the bin and then check if that is within an allowed path...

Murray Roke 20 Nov 2016, 20:09:01

Thanks, @claus The area of start nodes / permissions per section is one area where umbraco could up it's game :-)

Kevin Giszewski 04 Jul 2017, 16:39:08

Still would like to see this one please :)

Kevin Giszewski 04 Jul 2017, 16:42:42

Is a simple solution to check whether or not the user root id is contained in the content path? i.e. (-21, 1234, 5678, 9012) User root is 5678 so go ahead and show it? If user can see all, skip the check. Just spitballing.

Shannon Deminick 21 Aug 2017, 06:37:37

We'll have a look to see if this can make it for 7.7, yup it's annoying and we should fix but I think it's more annoying than you think ;)

Ulrik Andersson 07 Mar 2018, 19:33:31

This was due for 7.7, was delayed and now not due at all. Does this mean we will not see this even in 8.0?

Gareth Wright 08 Aug 2018, 15:08:22

Anther issue with the recycle bin not being available is if a user tries to edit an image inside a picker (when the image has been trashed). As they don't have permission to the recycle bin, it causes a session end and throws the editor back to the login screen.

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