U4-2437 - Table "CMSPropertyData" , field: "dataNvarchar" has a very small size limitation

Created by Arman Safikhani 28 Jun 2013, 12:19:51 Updated by Morten Christensen 28 Jun 2013, 14:55:27

after upgrading to V6.0.6 and when I tried to update one of my blog posts with a medium sized (I think it was more than 500 characters, in Persian Language), after trying to save the changes, I encountered this error : String or binary data would be truncated. I altered the table definition and changed the "dataNvarchar" db type from "nvarchar(500)" to "nvarchar(MAX)" and there was no more errors. I think that is it's a serious bug and needs extra attention!


Morten Christensen 28 Jun 2013, 12:36:32

Which DataType are you using? A DataType like the TinyMCE control stored its data in the dataNtext column of the cmsPropertyData table. Most, if not all, DataTypes allows you to change where or how the data is stored so if nvarchar(500) is not enough you should change to the other "unlimited" database type.

Arman Safikhani 28 Jun 2013, 13:31:09

I've created my own edition of TinyMCE (Custom Datatype with user control wrapper) . How can I change it to the unlimited db type?

Arman Safikhani 28 Jun 2013, 13:33:31

there is only 4 db types : Integer, Date, nText and nVarchar.

Morten Christensen 28 Jun 2013, 14:55:27

You simply chose ntext

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