U4-2574 - Url's on pages without templates

Created by Casey Neehouse 01 Aug 2013, 17:53:08 Updated by Funka! 07 Aug 2013, 00:14:26

Duplicates: U4-862

When Publishing a page without a template, the URL in the back office should not be generated, and the preview button should be disabled. In place of the Link's to Document, there should be a message stating that the page is not available to link to directly.

Since a page could be rendered against the node in alt template fashion, perhaps the link should just be shown with a warning above it explaining the issue.


Funka! 07 Aug 2013, 00:14:26

Also a duplicate of U4-2593, which I know was created after this one, but only because U4-862 never saw this built. I should have just re-used this one. Thanks!

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